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Friday, December 3, 2010

Stone Harbor Sales of Single Family homes Statistics November 2 to December 2, 2010.

Sure it is a buyer's market, but he truth of the matter is that most sellers finally understand they need to price their property properly right out of the gate. A buyer  needs to understand most of the money he expects to shave of a list price has already been factored into the asking price by the time a listing is brought to market.

Properly priced properties will sell without a lot of negotiations. Of course there will still be some that require substantial negotiation, and plenty of others that simply fail to sell.

Buyers need to be prepared for the competition that you did not think existed for properties in this “buyer’s market.”   

 Trying to cobble a percentage off the list price in circumstances in which others are interested in the same property will only lead to frustration. Whatever you do, don’t get too greedy.
It is very clear that the buyers we have are skimming the absolute cream off the top and leaving the rest.They even fight over the good stuff, creating an illusion of urgency in some cases.

Do whatever it takes to lock up the lowest pricing we have seen in 7 or 8 years. With interest rates continuing to hover around 5%, you are already well ahead of the game.

Slowly the market is hitting bottom. 2011 may mark the end of the worst market conditions we've seen in a decade. There is lots of showing activity, and offers are being made. And properties are selling.

So why the sales activity? The stock market is up 10% in a short time. This helps.

And if your retirement funds are in positive territory again and you’ve still got a job, you're are going to feel good about a host of financial decisions, including buying a summer home.

Remember, with 322 single family listings now for sale in Stone Harbor and Avalon and 182 condos for sale, it is still a buyer’s market!

Here is your Update of Stone Harbor Real Estate Activity November 2 to December 2, 2010 by Nancy Alexander

Stone Harbor Sales of Single Family homes Statistics November 2 to December 2, 2010.

There are now 123 single family homes for sale in Stone Harbor as of 12/2//2010.

Stone Harbor Single Family Homes UNDER CONTRACT. Five Homes areUnder Contract as of December 2, 2010

Four Single Family Homes Have Sold and Settled in Stone Harbor since November 2, 2010

37 single family homes have SOLD in Stone Harbor since January 1, 2010. Average SOLD price is $1,753,324 and average days on market = 206

In 2009 exact same number of single family homes (37) were SOLD in same time period January 1 to December 2. Average SOLD price last year for Stone Harbor single family home was $1,602,202 and average days on market last year was 216 days.

Stone Harbor Condo/Townhouse.There are now 68 condos on the market in Stone Harbor . Average days on market =289 and average list price is $667,699

Three condos are now Under Contract in Stone Harbor.

Three Stone Harbor Condos have SOLD and settled since November 2, 2010

Ten condos have SOLD in Stone Harbor sice 1/1/2010 to December 2, 2010.Average SOLD price is $581,050 and average days on market =197
By Contrast, last year 20 condos SOLD in same time period. Average SOLD price of Stone Harbor condo in 2009 was $560,168 and average days on market was 302.

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