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Monday, August 18, 2008

Stone Harbor. Luxury and Affordability....Together At Last!!

Stone Harbor New To Market! Corner of 101st and Second Avenue.Gorgeous Home! $1,890,000.

The Majestic House on the corner of 101st Street and Second Avenue, the one you have admired every time you have driven by, is FOR SALE. Its wonderful curb appeal and "center of Stone Harbor" location invites you inside where you will find an open, spacious, warm interior decorated with taste, style and color. Its traditional floor plan with first floor master suite make this house appealing to those who'd rather not face constant stair climbing. Built by Craig Otton, it has hardwood floors, built in bookcases and cupboards, gas fireplace, a kitchen with the most beautiful color of granite countertops and huge center island as a few of the amenities. The fabulous front porch allows you to sit and rock your cares away surrounded by those gorgeous hydrangeas. Upstairs there are two additional bedrooms and bath PLUS a second master suite with bath with whirlpool tub, the laundry room and two front decks. Immaculate inside, the home looks as if it hasn't been lived in. Outside it is a short hop to the beach with a Gazebo, the playground, shopping and dining. No need to use a car here. This is a house that lives up to its name , you "Chill Out" in its presence. NOTE that the house is wheelchair accessible, but the exterior lift will be removed by the owner should the buyer not want it. The home comes fully furnished and equipped with just several exceptions. Contact the agents for the list of exceptions.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preparing To Sell Your Stone Harbor or Avalon home In The Late Summer or Fall

This is a re-run of my post in the Spring which has been modified for today’s market. It is well worth repeating.


What is The Secret Getting Your Home Under Contract?
What is The Winning Formula? Maybe Patience and Willingness To Negotiate. So how are successful sellers doing it? The basic formula to getting to a SOLD sign in a buyer's market would be.....
#1-PRICE! In this glutted re-sale market price is Paramount.Price it correctly on day one!
#2-listen to your Realtor and Pay attention to the comps.The numbers don't lie.
#3-is location and condition of the property.

And Sometimes it just takes Time.
Yes! Location, condition and price are key factors. Plus, patience and willingness to negotiate are absolutely essential. You have to keep remembering it is a buyer's market! A seller needs to set the price correctly from day one. What is your bottom line? What's your strike price? If you want to get your property Sold, Don't be greedy. Other sellers who set their price correctly now have contracts.

Sluggishness in the Real Estate market remains.It is real. There are more listings available to buyers than any time in recent history. A large inventory remains. Here in Stone Harbor, there are 118 single family homes now for sale. That represents 3 years of inventory.

In Avalon there are now 226 single family homes now on the sale market .

What does all this mean To a Seller?
Deal With Reality.....Buyers are now buying the best for their money.Your house should stand out from the crowd for the listed price, or you need to reduce your price.
Negotiate. Today’s buyers know the comps and they want the best deal.
What Your neighbor Sold his place for two years ago is not relevant. And has nothing to do with market value today. Recent comps = market reality.

Presentation.You are ready to Sell..but Is Your House ready to Sell? In today's market,your house needs to sparkle. Have your house ready to be shown at its best. Whip it into shape. You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Does your house have curb appeal? Does the look of your home from the curb intrigue a buyer enough that he will want to see inside? Do whatever you can to make it more inviting. Get some color .Plant some flowers.And don’t forget about your lawn and garden! Spruce that up too.Get rid of the weeds .

Your house should sparkle when you put it on the market. Investing in the little things such as touch-up paint, window cleaning, carpet cleaning,(or new carpeting) and even professional staging when necessary will yield a big return on investment. If you don't have time or the talent to do it yourself, Hire a professional stager. It's money well spent, and will make an enormous difference in getting your property SOLD.. Buyers are picky, and they have lots of other homes to choose from .Make yours stand out from the crowd!

We don't Know how long market conditions will last, but we do know that sales are being made today, but with a significant number of builder owned new construction homes on the market which are selling at discounted prices, you need to understand your list price has to compete.

Data provided by our MLS, shows a slight decline in listing volume. Two indicators that the market has bottomed out would be #1 a decline in the number of listings, and #2 an increase in listing and Sold prices. The dilemma for Buyers today is to try to time their move before these two things begin to happen in the marketplace.

MLS facts show a recent flurry of sales made in both Stone Harbor and Avalon. Smart buyers now realize that here in Stone Harbor and Avalon the timing could not be more perfect to create the Deal of their Dreams!.

The fact is the market is not Great…but it’s NOT DEAD !!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Warranty How -To's

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), many new-home owners are unaware of the limitations on home warranties, which can cause confusion and unnecessary frustration when problems crop up and repairs are needed. To prevent this, the BBB suggests prospective buyers do some research before accepting the keys to their new home. • Find out how long the warranty company has been in business. Request a reliability report from your local BBB.
• Shop around for the best prices. Most home warranties cost between $300 and $395, but not all offer the same benefits — and make sure to factor in the deductible.
• Ask questions regarding the company’s policy on home repairs. Many have their own service contractors but others allow you to choose your own.
• Get a professional home inspection so you are aware of any possible problems that may not be covered by your warranty.
• Call the warranty company to ask questions and see how the customer service department treats you; this might indicate how you’ll be treated during future calls.
• Know what is covered and what is not. Typically, major operating systems and appliances are covered due to normal wear and tear for the first year.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Here's the Avalon Market Update For July 2008.

Snapshot of Avalon Sales Activity July 2008

Here's the Avalon market update for July 2008. Lots of Sales Activity in July!!

Seven single family homes are Under Contract in the month of July 2008 with listed price ranging from $1,095,000 up to $4,699,000. The average time on the market for these homes is 293 days.

Two single family home Sold and went to settlement this month. One of these homes was a 3 bedroom, 1 bath furnished home on a 50x10 lot which had been listed for $999,999 and SOLD for $929,000 after 375 days on the market .

The second home SOLD was a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath beach block home which was listed for $2,345,000 and SOLD for $2,100,000 and was on the market for 667 days.

Right now there are 223 single family homes on the market in Avalon ranging in price from $699,000 to $11,900.The average time on market is 268 days.

There are now 171 condos for sale in Avalon ranging in price from $185,000 up to $2,200,000 and the average time on market is 109 days.
Nineteen condos are Under Contract in Avalon in July. These range in price from $265,000 up to $1,595,000.
Two condo units Sold and settled in Avalon in July. One listed for $779,000 SOLD for $700,000 after 196 days on the market, and second one had been listed for $929,000 and SOLD for $820,000 .This had been on market 177 days.

What does all this mean to you as a Buyer? It has NEVER been a better time to make the deal of your dreams! Come On Down!
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