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Monday, December 14, 2015

Avalon New Jersey Real Estate Sales Update As Of December 14, 2015

Avalon New Jersey Real Estate Sales Update As Of December 14, 2015


Avalon NJ Homes For Sale as of December 14, 2015

Below is an overall look at sales statistics according to Cape May County Multiple Listing Service to sum up activity in Avalon N.J. as of June 6, 2015

Curious about how the Avalon housing market has performed over last few months? Below are statistics showing sales since June,2015.

Sales in the luxury market in Avalon and Stone Harbor NJ are thriving . If you are thinking of Selling , there has never been a better time, but correct pricing is crucial in selling your home at a proper price .

An Improperly properly priced home will languish on the market month after month and will only help sell competing properties.

Avalon Homes For Sale in Avalon, N.J. as of December 14, 2015

There are now 93 single family homes that are currently on the market in Avalon N.J., so if you’re on the hunt for a beach house, there has never been a better time to buy!
Average list price: $2,753,389

Average days on Market:280 days

Under Contract Even Though these homes have not yet closed, homes under contract are an excellent indicator of value in this market. There are now 24 Single Family Avalon Homes Now Under Contract with average list price of $

Average list price: $ 1,905,104

Average Days On Market = 113 days

84 Single Family Homes have successfully SOLD in Avalon since June 6, 2015

Average list price: $1,936,184

Average SOLD Price: $ $1,787,863

Average Days On Market = 280 days

160 single family homes were Successfully SOLD Single Family Homes in Avalon since year ago December 14, 2014

Average List price was $ 1,960,711

Average SOLD price was $ 1,804,084

Average days on market = 283 days

Avalon Condo/Townhouse Now For Sale As Of December 14, 2015

There are now 70 Condo/townhouse properties for sale in Avalon with an average list price of $ 750,634 and average days on the market is 162 days .

Average list price: $ 750,634

Average Days on Market = 162 days

There are now 10 Condo/townhouses in Avalon Now Under Contract.

Average list price: $1,162,600

Average Days on Market = 58 days

50 Condo/Townhouses in Avalon have SOLD since June 6, 2015

Average list price:$ 789,123

Average SOLD price:$ 759,454

Average Days on Market =180 days

102 Condo/Townhouses in Avalon have SOLD in the last year, since December 14, 2014

Average list price $785,839

Average SOLD price = $750,845

Average Days On Market = 232 days

Buying or Selling a home in Stone Harbor or Avalon, or if you need a Summer Rental, it would be my pleasure to help you with your Real Estate needs. Have a question about a Stone Harbor or Avalon homes or want to talk about selling yours? Let’s Talk. Call me! I'm just a phone call away. I love to talk Real Estate!

Each month, I provide the latest Stone Harbor Real Estate market sales statistics based on data from the Cape May County MLS. These Monthly Market Reports are intended to share sales information to help you can make an informed decision about the Stone Harbor Real Estate Market before you buy or sell a home in the Avalon area.

If you would like similar statistics for a specific area, property type or price range, please send me an email at and let me know how I can help. I can provide Real Estate Market specifics for nearby communities regions around Avalon and Stone Harbor N.J.. It is important to understand you must price you property competitively from the very start and you will see immediate activity... and a contract!

My Business is built on referrals which are always appreciated!

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