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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stone Harbor N.J. Real Estate Sales Update as of June 29, 2013

Stone Harbor N.J. Real Estate Sales Update as of June 29, 2013

 Single Family Homes Now For Sale in Stone Harbor, N.J. as of June 29, 2013


 There are now 90 single family homes for sale in Stone Harbor as of June 29, 2013. 

Average list price: $ 2,456,776
Average days on Market: 269


There are now 17 Single Family Stone Harbor Homes Now Under Contract with average list price of $1,945,357

Average list price:  1,904,111
Average days on Market 144 days


11 Single Family Homes SOLD in Stone Harbor since May 20, 2013


85 single family homes SOLD in Stone Harbor since June 29, 2012


Average List price was $1,708,757
Average SOLD price was $1,538,554
Average days on market = 331 days


Stone Harbor Condo/Townhouse now For Sale In Stone Harbor N.J.


There are now 61 Condo/townhouse properties for sale in Stone Harbor with an average list price of $621,461 Average Days On Market=293

There are now 8 Condo/townhouses in Stone Harbor Now Under Contract. Average List Price is $656,222 .Average Days on Market =166



8 Stone Harbor Condos have SOLD since May 20, 2013 with average SOLD price of $623,122 and average days on market =301

44 Condos in Stone Harbor have SOLD in the last year since June 29, 2012 with an average list price of $612,768, and average SOLD price of $566,829  and 338 days = average days on the market.



Average List Price  $596,876


Average SOLD Price $548,985


Average days on market = 344 days


With Spring in the air, we see more Buyers looking in Avalon and Stone Harbor looking for their Summer home. Not surprisingly, properties with the best “curb appeal” attract the most attention.

If you are thinking of listing your home for sale, your curb appeal should be your first consideration. A buyer will often pass quick judgment on a property based on its drive-up appeal.  Just a tiny investment in time and money to tidy up your home’s exterior appearance will help secure a contract much quicker.


Buying or Selling a home in Stone Harbor or Avalon, or if you need a Summer Rental, it would be my pleasure to help you with your Real Estate needs. Have a question about a Stone Harbor or Avalon homes or want to talk about selling yours?


You can reach me by e~mail me at or Call me! I love to talk Real Estate!
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