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Saturday, September 21, 2019

If You Want to Be Happy… Consider Moving!

Like everyone else, you're probably living your life in search of happiness. Makes sense—that's all anybody wants, right?
But did you know that simply moving can point you in the right direction? While we make no promises that you'll find complete bliss in one of these spots, WalletHub says these are the happiest states in the U.S., ranked by factors related to "good economic, emotional, physical and social health" that can help you lead a "well-balanced and fulfilled life."
Source: WalletHub

Here are the top five places where happiness reportedly lies:
  1. Hawaii
Total Score: 66.48
Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 1
Work Environment Rank: 25
Community & Environment Rank: 12
  1. Utah
Total Score: 66.48
Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 15
Work Environment Rank: 1
Community & Environment Rank: 2
  1. Minnesota
Total Score:  65.57
Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 3
Work Environment Rank: 6
Community & Environment Rank: 15
  1. California
Total Score: 64.11
Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 4
Work Environment Rank: 12
Community & Environment Rank: 16
  1. New Jersey
Total Score: 60.54
Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 2
Work Environment Rank: 45
Community & Environment Rank: 24
The report considered 31 key factors (such as depression rate, sports participation and income growth) across all 50 states. Surprisingly enough, money doesn’t always equal happiness! WallHub found that happiness only increases with wealth up to an annual income range of $75,000-95,000, so think about that before jumping to another state in search of more money.
If you're going through a bout of depression and are looking for relief, head to Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada, New York and Georgia, where adult depression rates are at the lowest, currently. In the same vein, you may want to stay away from Oregon, Arkansas, Vermont, West Virginia and Maine, which are seeing the highest rates compared to other states.
If your career is stressing you out, there are states that require fewer work hours all around—head to Utah, Oregon and Rhode Island for a reprieve. And if you think money really is the root of all your problems, look to North Dakota, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii since they have the highest income growth.
Happiness is highly subjective, so you'll want to consider your own unique situation to determine what you need in order to keep you feeling fulfilled. Then you can use that as a guide to figuring out where you best belong state-wise!
For more information on the report findings, click here.

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