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Friday, February 22, 2019

Real Estate Study: The Most Loved Neighborhoods in the U.S.

The Oaks, a luxury gated community in the Los Angeles metro area, is the nation’s most loved neighborhood, according to Zillow. Several other gated communities, as well as a number of other upscale areas, made up the majority of Zillow's list of the most-favorited U.S. neighborhoods.
Zillow, which focused on the 35 largest metros in the country, defines each region’s "most loved" neighborhood as "the one having the highest rate of net user saves (saves minus un-saves) per household—indicated as a clickable heart icon on a given home’s details page on Zillow."
Affluent neighborhoods weren’t, however, the only ones to get love. Several hot vacation/retirement spots and areas experiencing revitalization also made the list.
Ellisville, a small community near Cape Cod, got more love per home than any other neighborhood in the Boston metro area. Also, Manayunk, a traditionally working class neighborhood in Philadelphia which has redefined itself as trendy and is attracting young, upper-middle class professionals, topped the list for the Philly metro area.
The Oaks, however, was a clear winner. The gated community—located in Calabasas—is home to a number of celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Ozzy Osbourne.
Below is an infographic highlighting the top 35 metro areas in the country, including the most loved neighborhood in each:

Credit: Zillow
To view the full report and for a breakdown of Zillow’s methodology, click here.

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