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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Avalon and Stone Harbor NJ Weekly Update July 13th, 2017

SECRETS OF THE DEEP:  An exhibit at the Cape May County Museum features artifacts recovered from ships sunk off the Cape May County coast.  Storms, collisions, and even enemy torpedoes have sent dozens of ships to the bottom in local waters.  Scallopers avoid the wrecks to prevent losing their gear; sport fisherman seek out wrecks due to the marine life that congregates around the sunken hulls.  But it’s divers that visit the wrecks and occasionally retrieve artifacts from them.  The exhibit at the museum will be on display Tuesdays through Saturdays, 9am to 4pm, through October 6th.

“AVALON AWARE” PUBLIC INFORMATION SERIES:  The Avalon Library will host the upcoming “Avalon Aware” series, featuring talks on a variety of topics of interest to the public.  On Monday, July 17th Dr. Brian Reynolds will discuss the importance of Avalon’s dune system.  On July 24th Dr. Stewart Farrell will speak about the evolution of Avalon’s beaches over the past three decades.   On Monday, July 31st Borough Engineer Tom Thornton will discuss new FEMA flood maps.  All sessions begin at 7pm and are free. 

What a beautiful end to a summer day! 

RIDE ALONG with the dolphins and Nik Pattantyus!  Nik is known for his videos recorded while paddle boarding in the ocean, and his latest video makes you feel like you’re out there too!  Watch as dolphins swim alongside and under his paddleboard!

PHILLIES MANAGER Pete Mackanin took a three-day break in Stone Harbor while Major League ballplayers were on their all-star break.  The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Mackanin as saying he’d “eat, have a few drinks, and sleep.”  Mackanin also added that he’ll “go to the beach.”  Hopefully Mackanin and the Phillies will have a better second half of the season!

THE WINDRIFT TURNS 50 this summer!  A Seven Mile Times article by Dave Coskey in their July edition recounts the development of the Windrift in 1967, as the Seven Mile Beach responded to growing demand for more accommodations.  (The Golden Inn was built in 1966.)    Over the years the Windrift has grown to offer several restaurants and entertainment along with beachfront accommodations.  Pick up a copy of Seven Mile Times and take a trip down Memory Lane!

  • Thursdays on Dune Concert featuring Blue Bone, family friendly activities throughout Avalon’s business district from 5:30PM, concert at Veteran’s Plaza at 7PM, Thursday, July 13
  • Thursdays on the Lawn concert featuring The Snake Brothers, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Stone Harbor, 7:30PM, Thursday, July 13
  • Crabulous Crab Day, The Wetlands Institute, crab themed activities for the whole family, games, prizes, more,  for details, 9:30AM-3PM, Friday, July 14
  • American Legion Oldies Night,  for info, Avalon Community Hall, 7-10PM, Friday, July 14
  • Avalon Flip Flop Walk, boardwalk at 32nd Street, visit   for details, 8AM, Saturday, July 15
  • Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary Tour, meet at the Egret Espy Entrance at 114th Street & Second Avenue, 10AM, Saturday, July 15
  • Bay Atlantic Symphony concert, for info, Avalon Elementary School, 7PM, Saturday, July 15
  • 18th Annual Stone Harbor Triathlon, Yacht Club of Stone Harbor at 9001 Sunset Drive, visit for details, 7:30AM, Sunday, July 16
  • Stone Harbor Farmers Market, 95th Street & Water Tower Plaza, 8AM-12:30PM, Sunday, July 16
  • Avalon Yacht Club ‘Run from the Sun’ 5K, 8:30AM, Sunday, July 16
  • Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary Tour, meet at Egret Espy Trail Entrance at 114th Street & Second Avenue, 10AM, Sunday, July 16
  • Lutheran Church of Our Saviour Blueberry Fest, 9212 Third Avenue, 6:30-8:30PM, Sunday, July 16
  • Tuesdays at the Tower, concert featuring the Mighty Parrot Band, Stone Harbor’s Water Tower Plaza, 7PM, Tuesday, July 18
  • Avalon’s Beach Movie featuring ‘The Secret Life of Pets,’ 30th Street & the Beach, dusk, Tuesday, July 18
  • Stone Harbor Museum Lecture, Music of the World War I Era, 9410 Second Avenue, 7PM, Wednesday, July 19
  • Avalon Public Library sports author lecture ‘The Philadelphia Phillies’ Spring Training in Cape May’ with Jerrold Casway, 7PM, Wednesday, July 19
  • Thursdays on Dune concert featuring Legendary Bar Busters, activities throughout Avalon’s business district starting at 5:30PM, concert at Veteran’s Plaza at 7PM, Thursday, July 20
  • Thursdays on the Lawn concert featuring The Quietmen, St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Stone Harbor, 7:30PM, Thursday, July 20
  • Avalon Historical Society Clam Shell Competition, 30th Street beach, for details, 9AM, Saturday, July 22
  • Santa Visits His Summer Home in Stone Harbor, town-wide activities with Santa & Mrs. Claus, for details, Sunday, July 23 through Saturday, July 29

Featured Property:

Just sixth from the beach, this four bedroom townhouse style unit awaits a new owner!

14 E 27th Street, Avalon, $974,900, ACTIVE MLS#: 175458

New Listings:

9501 Third Avenue, Stone Harbor, $325,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 176990

177 80th Street, #102, Avalon, $329,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177178

162 96th Street, Unit 1, Stone Harbor, $419,900, ACTIVE MLS#: 177074

105 30th Street, Avalon, $439,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177069

10726 Third Avenue, A10, Stone Harbor, $569,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177176

700 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $699,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177137

248 81st St., Unit A, Stone Harbor, $749,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177114

629 Avalon, Avalon Manor, $775,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177019

213 E. 33rd Street, Avalon, $799,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177048

1100 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $944,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177134

1119 Stone Harbor Boulevard, Stone Harbor Manor, $949,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177016

128 11TH Street, Avalon, $1,150,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177062

409 22nd Street, Avalon, $1,199,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 176996

281 88th Street, Stone Harbor, $1,257,900, ACTIVE MLS#: 177027

10803 Second Avenue, Stone Harbor, $1,469,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177097

23 West 12th Street, Avalon, $1,695,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177158

3589 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $2,050,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177021

66 E 11th Street, Avalon, $2,375,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177061 

100 107th Street, Stone Harbor, $2,995,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177099 

74 E. 13th Street, Avalon, $3,395,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177091

202 75th Street, Avalon, $3,449,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177076

10 88th Street, Stone Harbor, $4,499,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177063

11610 Second Ave., Stone Harbor, $4,999,000, ACTIVE MLS#: 177156

Properties Sold:

440 21st Street, Avalon, $495,000, SOLD MLS#: 176282

8120 Third Ave., Stone Harbor, $500,000, SOLD MLS#: 173040

1719 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $537,500, SOLD MLS#: 170357

601 Dune Drive, Avalon, $625,000, SOLD MLS#: 176397

700 Ocean Drive, D-4, Avalon, $655,000, SOLD MLS#: 167532

236 23rd Street, Avalon, $710,000, SOLD MLS#: 175071

10626 Third Avenue, Stone Harbor, $925,000, SOLD MLS#: 174993

286 83rd Street, Stone Harbor, $1,000,000, SOLD MLS#: 170896

1306 Ocean Drive, Avalon, $1,399,000, SOLD MLS#: 174170

558 7th Street, Avalon, $1,500,000, SOLD MLS#: 177052

272 90th Street, Stone Harbor, $1,637,500, SOLD MLS#: 176455

129 114th Street, Stone Harbor, $1,750,000, SOLD MLS#: 169704

442 24th Street, Avalon, $1,950,000, SOLD MLS#: 171512

10500 Second Avenue, Stone Harbor, $2,250,000, SOLD MLS#: 174138

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