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Friday, April 7, 2017

Luxury Home Design & Decor for Green Living

There are over 80,000 different chemicals used in the U.S., and most haven't been adequately tested for their effects on human health, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). Buying new home decor may be high on your list, but these harmful toxins can reside in furniture and household furnishings, along with everyday items like household cleaners and toys.

Protect your health and happiness by staying proactive about your home’s design and decor. Look for eco-friendly, sustainable and non-toxic products with a reputation for quality, so you can still capture that luxurious style you’re going for. Get started with these looks that are as luxe as they are green.

Add more green
Pantone named the vibrant, splashy color Greenery the 2017 Color of the Year. The color is all about revitalization and refreshment and can be used in your favorite room in the house. Paint your entire den in bold hue like Greenery, or just an accent wall in your bedroom. Next, add a splash of red with a vase of fresh roses to breathe more life and natural aromas into your home. To get the coveted Greenery color, try Behr's New Shoot. Behr is also known for its commitment to low-odor, low-chemical emissions, and zero VOC line of Premium Plus paint for interiors.

Create a backyard oasis
Your home is more than just the walls in your house; you can tap into the natural wonders you crave right in your backyard. Turn your backyard into an oasis with hammocks or day beds, comfortable furniture and even an outdoor kitchen. Create a gathering space around a fire pit and sink into an outdoor couch while dining with friends. Turn up the music from your outdoor entertainment area and accentuate the ambiance of the space by using LED lighting after dark. Add to the natural wonder with a reflective pond or a DIY waterfall.

Upgrade your flooring
Give your floors a facelift and a modern touch with eco-friendly flooring. Lauzon Pure Genius flooring promises to make your indoor air up to 85 percent cleaner. The floors are activated by both natural and artificial light, which help put its titanium dioxide and air-purifying agents into action. As an added bonus, the floors have the same visual appeal as modern wood flooring, with a range of color options like maple, beech and hickory.

Recycle your favorite look
There are plenty of decor ideas that are made with quality, recycled materials, so they can be reused instead of wasting away in a landfill. For example, Currey & Company's bubbled recycled glass turns light fixtures into modern, hanging pendants that light up your home. Outfit the pendants with Philips Hue LED lightbulbs that you can program with your smartphone to create the lighting and colorful ambiance you love.

Transform your bedroom into a modern rustic wonder
Reclaimed wood quickly transforms the concept of a traditional headboard into a rustic piece of art. Ask in advance if the pieces are made from 100 percent reclaimed materials, or if they are blended with veneers and particle boards, which can be damaging to the environment. Complete the look with side tables, dressers and even frames for artwork created from reclaimed wood, metal and other materials for a cozy bedroom retreat.

Written by Realty Times Staff

Nancy M. Alexander - Stone Harbor and Avalon NJ Real Estate