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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stone Harbor Sales Activity Update August 22, 2012

Stone Harbor Sales Activity Update August 22, 2012

As mortgage interest rates hover at historic lows, keeping an eye new listings is very smart!

Mortgage rates around 3.75% continue to boost home affordability with the lowest rates on record. These rates are as close to the bottom as you can expect to get, and add to the urgency to buy your Stone Harbor or Avalon beach house NOW while these rates are at the bottom.


Each month, I provide the latest Stone Harbor Real Estate market sales statistics based on data from the Cape May County MLS. These Monthly Market Reports are intended to share sales information to help you can make an informed decision about the Stone Harbor Real Estate Market before you buy or sell a home in the Stone Harbor area.


If you would like similar statistics for a specific area, property type or price range, please send me an email and tell me how I can help. I can provide Real Estate Market specifics for nearby communities regions around Avalon and Stone Harbor.

Important to understand you must price you property competitively from the very start and you will see immediate activity, and a contract!

Properties that are priced to sell are considered "in" the market. Properties that aren't are considered simply "on" the market.

Even in the hardest hit markets, there are still buyers, and they are looking for the most competitively priced properties in the best condition.

I help sellers price their homes so that they are "in" the market.  

 I get it. People don't like to be Sold. People want to Buy. I  will provide you information on the homes you like. I'm always responsive but never pushy

Let's compare to last year. In Entire year of 2011 there were 58 single family homes Sold in Stone Harbor
107 single family homes were Sold in Avalon in 2011.


Since the first of this year, 43 single family homes have been SOLD in Stone Harbor with an average list price of $2,057,532, and average SOLD price of $1,777,953.

77 single family homes have been SOLD in Avalon with an average list price of $1,718,375 and an average SOLD price of $1,596,304. Average days on market = 220

And in Stone Harbor, another 22 single family homes are now Under Contract as of August 22, 2012

In Avalon another 30 single family homes are now Under Contract.

Single Family Homes Now For Sale in Stone Harbor as of August 22, 2012

There are now 107 single family homes for sale in Stone Harbor as of August 22, 2012

Low list price: $ 425,000

High list price: $ 6,950,000

Average list price: $ 2,255,007

Average days on Market: 328

There are now 22 Single Family Stone Harbor Homes Now Under Contract

Low list price: $ 449,000

High list price: $ 6,200,000

Average list price: $ 1,605,272

Average days on Market: 352 days

14 single family homes SOLD in Stone Harbor since July 1, 2012.

Average List price was $1,947,285

Average SOLD price was $1,742,750

Average days on market = 244 days

Stone Harbor Condo/Townhouse now For Sale, Under Contract and SOLD since July 1, 2012

There are now 76 Condo/townhouse properties for sale in Stone Harbor

Average Days on Market =308
There are now 6Condo/townhouses in Stone Harbor Now Under Contract

7 Condos in Stone Harbor SOLD since July 1 to August 22 , 2012

Average list price = $649,128

Average Sold Price =$602,500

Average days on market = 295

Buying or Selling a home in Stone Harbor or Avalon, or if you need a Summer Rental, it would be my pleasure to help you with your Real Estate needs. Have a question about a Stone Harbor or Avalon homes or want to talk about selling yours?

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